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Technology Enabler for Value Added Services - SMS, Email, eFax, Autodial
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VIBGYORtel is a technology enabler for value added services (e.g. SMS, Email, eFax,  Autodial, etc.) in Communication/Telecom industry by putting self as an example of running services using latest, sustainable & scalable software technologies and solutions. We aim to provide world wide clients with a basket of solutions for value added services in Communication/Telecom industry that gives them an edge in their business communication processes. All our solutions are made with an inherent trait of delivering business purpose features & services making us quality focused trusted technology partner of our clients.

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Vibgyor CRM
VIBGYOR CRM is an IT solution to simplify corporate and customer communications. It can be easily integrated with other systems to automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure and thus reduce the communication overheads. Workflow automation includes sending & receiving of information through SMS and processing the same for further communication. To enable processing of such communications VIBGYOR CRM provides configurable Keywords and keyword processing Plug-ins. It can also be integrated with external databases to fetch information. It automates, standardizes and thus simplifies the organizationally essential communication processes reducing communication Overheads..…....... Read More
i-Pheasant is a solution that enables Share Brokers to communicate Live Trade Confirmations to their clients during market hours. It empowers Share Brokers to handle risk by quick communication of trades to their clients via SMS & Email. Give your Customers the communication experience that keeps them updated with each trade they make. i-Pheasant offers Share Brokers with Live Trade Confirmations of all exchanges & segments like NSE Cash, BSE, F&O, MCX, NCDEX and Currency. (New Offering)…....... Read More
i-Flamingo caters the day to day communication needs of Share Brokers enabling them to serve their clients by regular communication of important informations through SMS & Email. i-Flamingo can be integrated with Back Offices and/or Flat Files to generate informative messages. Investors will be provided with regular updates on SMS & Email regarding their transactions & account related details of segments like BSE, NSE, NSDL,CDSL, MCX, NCDEX and Currency..…....... Read More
i-Accentor has been developed to serve Sub Brokers of Share Market, enabling them to provide their clients with after market trade related communications through SMS services. i-Accentor can be integrated with Back Office data base to fetch data and send daily transactions of clients via SMS. It can also fetch data from flat files like excel, CSV, word, etc. and generate SMS when imported. Thus i-Accentor is a very useful product for sub brokers to send trade related transactions, making their communications cost effective, automatic, easy, quick, efficient and free of human errors..…....... Read More

TeleOSS is an Operational Support System & Service Delivery System for SMS Aggregators & Providers of Telecom/Communication Services. It provides a complete Technology Platform for services like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax with Operations Support features like Live Traffic Monitor, Dynamic Routing, Least Cost Routing (LCR), Ready to offer White Label Solution platform, Balance Management, Service Management, huge array of Reports, SMPP based API connection and many more.…....... Read More


 VIBGYORsms is an online secure access service for sending individual and bulk SMS. It has features like User Dashboard, Customer Management, User Management, Group Management, Sending Management, Report Management, Communication efficiency Management, SMS Services, API and Back End Services.…....... Read More

Wealth Envoy is a web based secure access service which has been launched by keeping in mind the business processes of Financial Advisors or Tips Providers. The vision behind the service is to provide a single solution for customer management & communication management.….......Read More
VIBGYORtel White Label Solution is a Universal Platform for Resellers to serve their customers with Telecom/Communication related Value Added Services like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax. It is a Private Label Solution in which a Reseller can have his own website, create his own Brand Name, create resellers under him, set own offerings and many more...…....... Read More
SMS Short Code
VIBGYORshortcode Service is an interaction media through which we can directly interact with our customers for inquiries, feedbacks, surveys, contests and lead generations very economically. We offer shared or unique Short Codes. Different Keywords and Sub Keywords that can be subscribed for marketing campaigns or feedback.........Read More
VIBGYOReFax services allow you to send and obtain faxes by email, or via the web. You don't need a fax equipment. We will give you a fax number. You have to simply use your existent email account to send and obtain faxes.…....... Read More
VIBGYOR Autodial
VIBGYORautodial lets you reach out to your target customer in  the easiest, instant & cost effective way. Its a service for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages…....... Read More 
We provide Bulk Email services by the Brand name of VIBGYORemail. VIBGYORemail service provides an instant route to get through to the bulk customers, sufficient amount of storage capacity, direct delivery to in-box, a fast user interface and more...…....... Read More
Most popular global communication Email-2-SMS technologies has revolutionized the way people across the globe communicate. Its an fast, cost effective and convenient mode of communication anywhere...............Read More
SMS2Email services enable  you to stay connected anywhere/any time.SMS2Email services send SMS as email and the message is delivered in receiver email address. SMS2Email services provide sales person an opportunity to email a document or send the order details over SMS to the client instantly.....................Read More 
Become an SMS Reseller with own website, admin controls & SMS Services.The Website will be customizable with Editable color scheme, editable "Contact Us" & Editable "Home Page".…....... Read More
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