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i-pheasant announcement

Date: February 12, 2011

Now, Every Share Broker in India can Send Live Trade Confirmation via SMS & Email, as i-Pheasant now supports BOLT, NEAT, VSAT, NOW, Connect to NSE, ODIN Admin, Live Files trading platforms !!! 

In-line with our commitments of consistently providing our clients with Business purpose and better services & support, it is our pleasure to inform all Share broker, Sub-broker and Commodity broker that now they can send Live Trade Confirmations via SMS & Email using i-Pheasant's advance platform which supports BOLT, NEAT, VSAT, NOW, Connect to NSE, ODIN Admin, Live Files. Now i-Pheasant can be integrated with above mentioned trading platforms and it can fetch Live Trades to send Live Trade Confirmations through SMS & Email. i-Pheasant is a solution that enables Share Brokers to communicate live trade confirmations to their clients during market hours. It empowers Share Brokers to handle risk by quick communication of trades to their clients via SMS & Email. 

It will be our pleasure to serve you with the same devotion, quality and commitment that you expect from us. Thank you for your support. We commit to keep on providing our clients with more services in the future. 

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VIBGYORtel Team 

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