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Internet SMS
In today's world of fast & efficient communications, SMS communications has contributed a lot and still has a lot of future ahead. It all started with companies giving applications to send bulk SMS by attaching mobiles or modems with systems. It helped companies & individuals to communicate one to many with just one click. As the telecom environment enhanced, so did the SMS text messaging technologies. Then came the era when the telecom operators or Gateways in a quest to serve corporate customers gave the world Internet SMS.

Internet SMS was a service to send bulk SMS using internet. The users would get a desktop or an online application to send text SMS via internet. Internet SMS reduced the costs of hardware and gave superior speed than SMS through mobiles. The most beneficial thing that Internet SMS provided was Brand name or Sender ID or Branding. Internet SMS is also known as Branded SMS. Customers can send their company Brand names in place of mobile numbers and thus create their own brand name in the market through Internet SMS. Presently the Alphanumeric Sender Ids have been restricted to 8 characters, with post three characters being used to track the Telecom Operators.

Internet SMS Services in India has been in the Growth period since last 4 years and has seen many operators or SMS Gateways entering this market. Many SMS Aggregators and bulk SMS vendors and SMS Resellers have also evolved in this growth reducing the costs of SMS communications to ground levels. Internet SMS have become a source of marketing and one to many communications for many companies. Internet SMS services are used by many customers to send national & international SMS.

Internet SMS Services have become a source of cost effective communication for companies and a source of income for many bulk SMS vendors.

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