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SMS Reseller
SMS Reseller

Grow your Business, Become our Channel Partner for SMS Services with a technology that supports 1000 TPS.

VIBGYORsms offers an exceptional array of solutions for SMS Resellers and SMS Whole Sellers. Our Bulk SMS Reseller Programs or Reseller Solutions for SMS are as follows:
White Label Solution (SMS, Email, eFax & Autodial)     VIBGYORsms API
  • Own website & Own Branding
  • Private Label Website
  • Admin Account
  • Service Management
  • Balance Management
  • Make own White Label Resellers
  • Manage Reseller Accounts
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Multiple Reports
  • Password Management
  • Developer SMS API available in HTTP, XML & SOAP formats
  • Send SMS and Receive SMS Delivery reports
  • Integrate with third party applications and websites
  • Push SMS by calling any allotted Sender ID and sub user
  • SMPP based API is also available
  • Supported Platforms: Java, .net, Joomla, PHP, Drupal, etc.
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Bulk SMS Resellers (Brand Partners)

  • Resell our Bulk SMS Services
  • No investment in infrastructure
  • Start earning from day1
  • Your own SMS Reseller account
  • Customer accounts will be mapped under your group
  • Balance transfer facility to recharge in Customer Accounts
  • Brand Name used: VIBGYORsms & VIBGYORtel
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