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Best Bulk SMS Service | Mass Text Messaging Company in India
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1) Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Services, are services to send bulk SMS through Internet (also called Internet SMS) through either online Bulk SMS accounts or desktop Bulk SMS applications or Bulk SMS softwares.. Today’s business environment demand reliable,instant and fast communication with customers and in a manner that is cheaper and more reliable. The concept is sending SMS one to many for promotional or marketing purpose or sending transactional SMS to clients. These services are provided by Bulk SMS Aggregators,SMS Service Providers SMS Resellers & Bulk SMS Gateways or Bulk SMS Gateway Providers. The SMS are sent with Alpha-numeric Sender Ids which can help in Branding of your company or products. Send Bulk SMS in India and whole world for CRM activities with clients, promotional activities, etc.


Advantages of Bulk SMS Services:

  • Reach maximum clients and prospects in minimum time and effort using Bulk SMS
  • Low communication cost
  • One to many
  • National & International reach
  • Short & Prompt way of communication through SMSs
Bulk SMS Services in India & else where are provided to retail users through an organized channel. The services originally start from Bulk SMS Gateways or Operators, who have Bulk SMS Aggregators as their primary channel partners, SMS Aggregators have SMS Vendors or SMS Service Providers as their customers, SMS Vendors resell their Bulk SMS Services to SMS resellers, who in turn have retail users as their customers of bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS Aggregators and SMS vendors also serve direct retail users with their bulk SMS services.
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