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Promotional SMS Service Provider in India
Promotional SMS are your quick way to reach Prospects and promote your business. They are one of the fastest, most cost effective and reliable channel of Marketing Communication.

Bulk Promotional SMS Service


Promotional SMS Services in India demand more quality of service, as good reach and response are expected from the marketing campaigns done by Promotional Bulk SMS, as the intent is make more recipients read the Text Message.


Any Client requiring Promotional SMS Service must get:

  • Good SMS Delivery Ratio
  • All India & All Operator SMS Delivery
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Bulk Number upload
  • DND Filters
  • Detailed Delivery Reports
  • Competitive Bulk SMS Rates

And who better a Bulk Promotional SMS Service Provider than VIBGYORsms.

  • 10 Years in Bulk SMS Industry
  • Great Bulk SMS Features in User Panel (check SMS Panel Features)
  • Self Developed SMS Gateway Technology
  • Direct Multi Operator Connections
  • Auto Load Balancing between SMS Gateways to ensure timely SMS Delivery & Quality Services
  • All India Coverage
  • No Grey Routes, No Fake Deliveries, No SMS Cutting
  • Live Delivery Reports
  • List of Reports
  • Rare Downtimes
  • Inhouse Development & Support Teams
  • SMPP & HTTP or XML SMS API offering to Clients for integration with their systems
We are Committed to become one of the Best Promotional SMS Service Provider, and serve our Clients with Bulk Promotional SMS Services.

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