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User Features For White Label Solution
Sales:   +91-79-40200909 (India) ,  +1-201-203-4381 (USA)
Support: +91-79-40200911
User Features For White Label Solution
Features Sub-Features
User Dashboard
  • Account information
  • Contact information
  • Selected service and usage type
  • Present balance and its validity
  • Account validity
  • Past week’s usage
  • Past recharge informations
Customer Management
  • Group & sub group messaging
  • Address book (Names, mobile numbers, birthdays & anniversaries)
  • Import address book (10,000 numbers per minute from excel or csv files)
  • CRM feature (Auto birthday and anniversary message)
  • Personalized messaging
Sending Management
  • Group messaging
  • Bulk messaging
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID (up to 8 characters)
  • Templates
  • SMS Scheduler (Date wise & Time wise)
  • 400 Characters typing limit (160 characters per SMS)
  • Import SMS (from excel or csv files)
Report Management
  • Delivery reports (details of different status of delivery and non delivery)
  • Message wise reports
  • Number wise reports
  • Sent, pending, failed
  • Summary reports
  • Group wise reports
  • Reports export facility
  • HTTP & XML formats that can be integrated with any platform like Java, .net, joomla, etc.
  • Send SMS and receive Delivery reports from VIBGYORtel accounts
  • Single & group messaging

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