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VIBGYORtel offers a borad range of value adedd services and solution for different purpose, market & Industries as mentioned below:
For Communication
Service Service Description
We provide Bulk SMS services by the Brand Name VIBGYORsms. VIBGYORsms offers multiple business purpose SMS services for every or any kind of communication requirement like Marketing messages, Services messages, Speed based time critical messages, etc. It has features like User Dashboard, Customer Management, User Management, Group Management, Sending Management, Report Management, Communication efficiency Management, SMS Services, API and Back End Services.... Read More
VIBGORefax VIBGYOReFax services allow you to send and obtain faxes by email, or via the web. You don't need a fax equipment. We will give you a fax number. You have to  simply use your existent email account to send and obtain faxes.…....... Read More
We provide Bulk Email services by the Brand name of VIBGYORemail. VIBGYORemail service provides an instant route to get through to the bulk customers, sufficient amount of storage capacity, direct delivery to  in-box, a fast user interface and more. Some of the features of VIBGYORemail include Trouble-free Bulk Email, No SPAM objection , easy user-friendly interface, No distinctive software required.... Read More

VIBGYORemail2sms is an instant, cost-effetive and robust mode of communication any time. By using this powerful cost effective application a mobile user will be able to receive instantaneously messages from an  e-mail recipient.....Read More


VIBGYORsms2email services enable you to stay connected anywhere/any time and send SMS as email and the message is delivered in receiver email address.SMS2Email services provide sales person an opportunity to email a document or send the order details over SMS to the client instantly..... Read More


VIBGYORshortcode Service is an interaction media through which we can directly interact with our customers for inquiries, feedbacks, surveys, contests and lead generations very economically. Under VIBGYORtel we also work as an SMS Short Code Service Provider in India, offering shared or unique Short Codes.........Read More


VIBGYORautodial  is a effective communications technology that send a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Often used for community alerts, notifications, in business applications or for promotional purposes...... Read More 

VIBGYORpop2sms deals with the receival of SMS alerts for notifying emails with subject line. You can configure this SMS alerts and be updated with your important email informations, when you don't have access to computer. User can configure his POP account. User can select the frequency of email POP. User can configure length of subject, as well as length of content to be sent as email for each POP account. User will be able to configure filters for his POP account. Such filters can be multiple for each POP account.
Channel Partners
Service Service Description
White Label Solution

VIBGYORtel White Label Solution is a Universal Platform for Resellers to serve their customers with Telecom/Communication related Value Added Services like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax. It is a Private Label Solution in which a Reseller can have his own website, create his own Brand Name, create resellers under him, set own offerings and many more...Read More

Hosted Services

Become an SMS Reseller with own website, admin controls & SMS Services.VIBGYOR under Hosted Services offers SMS Whole Sellers with their own SMS Services website; own Domain Name and URL. The Website will be customizable with Editable color scheme, editable "Contact Us" & Editable "Home Page". Even additional Custom Pages will be offered along with HTTP API with own Domain Name.…....... Read More.

For Aggregator for SMS or other Value Added Services
Service Service Description

Wealth Envoy is a web based secure access service. It has been developed and launched by keeping in mind the business processes of Financial Advisors or Tips Providers. The vision behind the service is to provide a single solution for customer management & communication management. Wealth Envoy offers a standard platform to Stock Market advisor to perform their business processes in the least possible time and with great accuracy. It is equipped with features like call type management, scheme management, client management, scrip management, tips management & reports to ensure smooth functioning of your processes..Read More

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