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Bulk SMS Service And Internet SMS Gateway Provider
Sales:   +91-79-40200909 (India) ,  +1-201-203-4381 (USA)
Support: +91-79-40200911


With VIBGYORsms we offer Hosted services. We aggregate the SMS at our end to do the best optimized routing using multi operator SMS Gateways for fastest delivery of your communication, and thus work as an SMS Aggregator in India with forward integration. For Bulk SMS services, the aim has always been and will always remain to deliver Business focus features. VIBGYORsms offers selection of multiple business purpose driven Bulk SMS services, which ever fits best to your business. Our technology supports 1000 TPS. After Sales Services and prompt Support is also a prime focus in VIBGYORsms.

VIBGYORsms as an Internet SMS Service Provider, offers an exceptional array of Internet SMS or Bulk SMS solutions for retail users, SMS Resellers and SMS Whole Sellers. VIBGYORsms provides White Label Solutions and Hosted Services.

VIBGYORsms has the history of being the first to provide user friendly and colorful user interface to send Bulk SMS, the first to provide multiple SMS Gateway routing for better service, the first to provide speed based SMS Plans, the first to provide multiple business purpose SMS services, the first to provide advance Customer Service mails, the first to provide User Dashboard, the first to provide Promotional SMS & Service SMS from same account, the first to provide high speed address import and many more.

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