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i-Pheasant is a solution that enables Share Brokers to communicate live trade confirmations to their clients during market hours. It empowers Share Brokers to handle risk by quick communication of trades to their clients via SMS. i-Pheasant thus reduces trade errors and increases the business transparency of Share Brokers with their clients.i-Pheasant offers Share Brokers with live trade confirmations of all exchanges & segments like NSE cash, BSE, NSEL & NSEFX, F&O, MCX, NCDEX and Currency.

Now, Every Share Broker in India can Send Live Trade Confirmation via SMS & Email, as i-Pheasant now supports BOLT, NEAT, VSAT, NOW, Connect to NSE, ODIN Admin, Live Files trading platforms.

Give your Customers the communication experience that keeps them updated with each trade they make. Many Share Brokers across India have been using i-Pheasant satisfactorily. Their testimonials include increase in trades & customers, decreased human errors and increased customer & trader satisfaction.

Now i-Pheasant Supports BOLT, NEAT,VSAT and more trading platform.... Read More

System Architecture
Supported Segments (Exchange wise – Segment wise Licensing)
  • NSE Cash
  • F&O
  • MCX
  • NSEL

Database Synchronization

  • Trade Master
    • ODIN Admin | BOLT | VSAT | NEAT | NOW | Connect to NSE| 
    • Live Files
  • Client Master
  • Back Office
    • Acer
    • Shilpi
    • Tech Excel

Auto Trade Confirmation

  • Amount wise
  • Quantity wise
  • Summarized Trade Confirmation (After execution of total trade)

Manual Trade Confirmation
  • Amount wise
  • Quantity wise
  • Client wise
  • Message Review
  • Add to Auto Trade Confirmation
Auto Service Activation
  • Branch wise
  • City wise
  • Scheme wise
  • Confirmation Schedular (Define time intervals for data fetching)

Trade Confirmation Features
  • Trading Dashboard
  • Live Sending View
  • Trade confirmation Templates (Using various fields)

Standard Features
  • Multiple Sender ID Support
  • Manual Messaging
  • SMS Templates
  • SMS Reports (Sent. Pending, Failed)
  • Delivery Reports
  • User Dashboard
  • Change Password (i-Pheasant & VIBGYOR)
  New Offerings for i-Pheasant
  Being consistent to our commitments of providing our clients with business purpose, better services & support, we are proud to announce the introduction of new offering for i-Pheasant. Now, the share brokers can communicate real time notification to their customer through Email.
Why i-Pheasant?
  • Live Trade Confirmations
  • All Exchange & Segment Support
  • Increased Business Transparency with Customers
  • Decreased Human errors
  • Increased Customer & Trader Satisfaction
  • Give your customers the communication experience that keeps them updated with each trades they make 
Mode of communication
 Features Email SMS
Supported Segments (NSE & BSE Cash, F&O, Commodities)
Auto trade Confirmation (Amount wise)
Auto Service Activation (Branch Wise)

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