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Bulk SMS Platform
Sales:   +91-79-40200909 (India) ,  +1-201-203-4381 (USA)
Support: +91-79-40200911
VIBGYORsms Platform
VIBGYORsms has a state-of-art platform to be the perfect SMS Provider making SMS Text Messaging an experience of its own. It's Strengths include it's Infrastructure, it's basket of unique SMS Solutions, Support & Services adding value to Stake Holders and Value for money solutions for Clients & Channel Partners.
VIBGYORsms Service Platform
VIBGYORsms Platform
  • Data Security - An infrastructure for secure passage of Bulk SMS, with data security measures
  • Multi SMS Gateway with Intelligent Routing - Being an SMS Aggregator & Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in India, VIBGYORsms uses multi SMS Gateways with Intelligent Routing for Optimized Routing of Bulk SMS
  • 24X7 Availability - For SMS Text Messaging without hindrance, our SMS Gateway Services are available 24X7
  • Power Backup - To enable Clients and SMS Resellers continuously use VIBGYOR's Bulk SMS Services, we have Power Backup
  • Internet Backup & Secure Servers Behind firewalls - For minimum downtime of SMS Services
  • World Wide SMS - International SMS Service Provider, offering International SMS Services & National SMS Services from same Bulk SMS Account

Countries Covered under International SMS Services

  • SMS API - SMS API for Bulk SMS Resellers & Bulk SMS Whole Sellers, available in HTTP, XML & SOAP formats for Java, .net, Joomla, PHP, Drupal, etc. SMPP based SMS API also available on request basis

Download SMS API Formats & Codes

  • Business Focused SMS Services - VIBGYORsms as an SMS Aggregator, SMS Gateway Provider & Bulk SMS Provider, provides business focused SMS Services to send Premium SMS, Service SMS and Promotional SMS from same SMS Account with different SMS Speed (TPS & TPM)

Check SMS Service Specifications

  • VIBGYORsms Services - Send Bulk SMS, individual SMS, Marketing SMS, Service SMS, Premium SMS, National SMS, International SMS, Hindi SMS, Speed Based SMS, NDNC filtered or NDNC Scrubbed SMS, Personalized SMS, Group SMS and many more from a single SMS Account
  • National SMS - Send Internet SMS wtih Sender ID anywhere in India
  • VIBGYORSMS Short Code Services - VIBGYOR is an SMS Short Code Service provider in India

Know more about SMS Short Code Services

  • Failover Support - Alternate IPs to take over and Alternate Servers to Take over
Value Enhancers
  • SMS Resellers - Bulk SMS Services & Solutions for SMS Resellers, SMS Whole Sellers, Bulk SMS Brand Partners (VIBGYORtel Brand), Independent Resellers and SMS Service Providers

Know more about Bulk SMS Resellers

  • Retail Customers - Personal User Accounts for Bulk SMS Services with unique business purpose featues & multiple SMS Services

Know more about Bulk SMS Account Features

  • Application Vendors - Developer SMS API for Application vendors, who want to add edge to their products by integrating SMS Services to their product

Download SMS API Formats & Codes

  • VIBGYORsms Services - All VIBGORtel Bulk SMS Softwares, Integrated SMS Softwares and VIBGYORsms Services are powered by VIBGYOR SMS Services. SMS Softwares: VIBGYOR CRM, i-Pheasant, i-Flamingo, i-Accentor

Know more about VIBGYORsms Services

  • Wealth Envoy Users - VIBGYORsms Services also power Wealth Envoy, a Solution for Finaicial Advisors for communicating Share Market Tips & Advices thorugh Bulk SMS

Know more about Wealth Envoy

VIBGYORsms System Architecture
VIBGYORsms System Architecture
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