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CRM With SMS Integration
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(Automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure, Two way SMS solution)

VIBGYOR CRM is an IT solution to simplify corporate and customer communications. It can be easily integrated with other systems to automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure and thus reduce the communication overheads.Workflow automation includes sending & receiving of information through SMS and processing the same for further communication. To enable processing of such communications.

VIBGYOR CRM provides configurable Keywords and keyword processing Plug-ins. It can also be integrated with external databases to fetch information. VIBGYOR CRM automates, standardizes and thus simplifies the organizationally essential communication processes reducing communication Overheads.

Standard Edition
Premium Edition Enterprise Edition
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Examples: How VIBGYOR CRM can be integrated with organizational workflow is mentioned below:
Port: Cargo / Container / Vessel Tracking using push 'n' pull SMS Banks: Let Customers Retrieve Account Status and send alerts of Account Credit/Debit, Alert on debit of higher amount and PDC shortfall alerts
Finance: Send and let Customers retrieve critical informations like Outstanding, Cheque/EMI Bounce, Loan Approved / Disapproved, Pending / Required Documents and Total Branch Outstanding to concerned Managers. Systems: Receive or fetch important system informations like Server Down / Up Alerts, Server Room AC Temperature Alert and UPS Remaining Backup Alert.
Sales: Automate Sales Processes and Information flow like Onfield Call Reporting, Sales Target Status, Incentive Claim Status, Order Booking and Inventory Status. Issue Tracking: Track and resolve Employee & Customer Support related or other kinds of issues via Push-Pull SMS with features like Issue Reporting, Resolution status reporting by Concerned person and Issue Status tracking along with escalation methods.
Attendence: Mobilize Attendence procedures and informations with Late coming Alerts, Absentism Information, Early going Alerts and Leave Application & Confirmation/Rejection along with Leader and HR escalation. Quiz: Run Quiz contests; Ask questions & get Answers, Process the contacts with correct answers, Process further for other questions or winner identification and Reply back Correct/Incorrect answer.
**For Successful Project Accomplishment, We Customize and Deliver the Solution as Per Your Business Needs
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