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Hosted SMS Reseller Program
Sales:   +91-79-40200909 (India) ,  +1-201-203-4381 (USA)
Support: +91-79-40200911
Hosted Services

VIBGYORtel under Hosted Services offers SMS Whole Sellers with their own SMS Services website; own Domain Name and URL. The Website will be customizable with Editable color scheme, editable "Contact Us" & Editable "Home Page". Even additional Custom Pages will be offered along with HTTP API with own Domain Name. So, promote your services with your own Brand name.

In addition to above, SMS Whole Sellers can use VIBGYOR Bulks SMS Services and even configure Bulk SMS Services of Third Party SMS Gateways. SMS Whole Sellers can define their own SMS Services & Plans, define their own SMS Routing from Multiple SMS Gateway Providers. They will be provided with a seperate Application Server for Load distribution.Your admin account would be equipped with features like Subscriber management - to create and manage user accounts; User Balance Management - to manage their SMS balance and validity and Business Reports - multiple SMS reports. SMS Whole Sellers can even configure reminder mails to customers.Support is indirectly handled by us.
  •   Own Domain name & URL
  •   Own SMS website
  •   Own Brand name
  •   Editable Color Scheme
  •   Editable “Contact Us”
  •   Editable Home Page
  •   Additional Custom Pages
  •   HTTP API with own Domain name
  •   Admin account
    • Subscriber management
      •   User balance management
      •   Business reports
      •   Configurable emails
      •   Support by us (indirect)
  • VIBGYORsms Services and Third Party Gateway
  •   Define own SMS Services
  •   Define own SMS Routing from Multiple Gateways
  •   Separate Application Server for load distribution


Inquiry for being an Hosted Solution

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