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i-Accentor i-Accentor has been developed to serve Sub Brokers of Share Market, enabling them to provide their clients with after market trade related communications through SMS services. i-Accentor can be integrated with Back Office data base to fetch data and send daily transactions of clients via SMS. It can also fetch data from flat files like excel, CSV, word, etc. and generate SMS when imported. Thus i-Accentor is a very useful product for sub brokers to send trade related transactions, making their communications cost effective, automatic, easy, quick, efficient and free of human errors.
System Architecture
Standard Features for i-Accentor :
  • Bill ledger
  • Outstanding Reminder
  • Account Open
  • Sell Short
  • Purchase Short
  • Auction
  • NSE & BSE Ledger and Outstanding
  • Client Communication
  • F&O off market sauda confirmation
  • F&O open position
Why  i-Accentor ?
  • Time saving communication
  • Direct reach to Audience even when they are on the move
  • Highly personalized & secure
  • Bulk platform to send bulk batch rapidly
  • Competitive advantage through client satisfaction
  • Supportive in handling Compliances
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