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Vas Telecom Solutions - VIBGYORtel
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VIBGYORtel offers a borad range of value adedd services and solution for different purpose, market & Industries as mentioned below:
For Share Brokers & Financial Advisor
Product Products Description

i-Flamingo caters the day to day communication needs of Share Brokers enabling them to serve their clients by regular communication of important informations through SMS & Email. i-Flamingo can be integrated with Back Offices and/or Flat Files to generate informative messages. Investors will be provided with regular updates on SMS & Email regarding their transactions & account related details of segments like BSE, NSE, NSDL,CDSL, MCX, NCDEX and Currency..….......Read More


i-Pheasant is a solution that enables Share Brokers to communicate Live Trade Confirmations to their clients during market hours. It empowers Share Brokers to handle risk by quick communication of trades to their clients via SMS & Email. Give your Customers the communication experience that keeps them updated with each trade they make. i-Pheasant offers Share Brokers with Live Trade Confirmations of all exchanges & segments like NSE Cash, BSE, F&O, MCX, NCDEX and Currency. (New Offering)…......Read More


i-Accentor has been developed to serve Sub Brokers of Share Market, enabling them to provide their clients with after market trade related communications through SMS services. i-Accentor can be integrated with Back Office data base to fetch data and send daily transactions of clients via SMS. It can also fetch data from flat files like excel, CSV, word, etc. and generate SMS when imported. Thus i-Accentor is a very useful product for sub brokers to send trade related transactions, making their communications cost effective, automatic, easy, quick, efficient and free of human errors..…....... Read More

For Corporates
Product Products Description

VIBGYOR CRM is an IT solution to simplify corporate and customer communications. It can be easily integrated with other systems to automate the SMS based workflow of organization infrastructure and thus reduce the communication overheads. Workflow automation includes sending & receiving of information through SMS and processing the same for further communication. To enable processing of such communications VIBGYOR CRM provides configurable Keywords and keyword processing Plug-ins. It can also be integrated with external databases to fetch information. It automates, standardizes and thus simplifies the organizationally essential communication processes reducing communication Overheads..…....... Read More

For Aggregator for SMS or other Value Added Services
Product Description
TeleOSS_Logo TeleOSS is an Operational Support System & Service Delivery System for SMS Aggregators & Providers of Telecom/Communication Services. It provides a complete Technology Platform for services like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax with Operations Support features like Live Traffic Monitor, Dynamic Routing, Least Cost Routing (LCR), Ready to offer White Label Solution platform, Balance Management, Service Management, huge array of Reports, SMPP based API connection and many more... Read More


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