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A Tips, Performance & Subscriber Management Service for Share Market Advisory Firms & Tips Providers
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Wealth Envoy

Wealth Envoy

WealthEnvoy is a web based secure access service. It has been developed and launched by keeping in mind the business processes of calls/tips providers. The vision behind the service is to provide a single solution for customer management & communication management. The user of WealthEnvoy can single handedly take care of all his/her tips, without even going through the complications of remembering the tips that have to be closed or seeing the sent reports. (S)He can easily handle the communication, offered schemes and renewals of trial customers and paid customers. (S)He will take the time of just a single click to fetch the performance reports of his/her calls or tips. Thus WealthEnvoy offers a standard platform to Stock Market advisors to perform their business processes in the least possible time and with great accuracy.
System Architecture of WealthEnvoy


Core Features for WealthEnvoy
  • Publishable reports: Scheme wise, Profit/loss wise, Date wise, week wise, month wise, call type wise, etc.
  • Publishable performance Charts and Tabular Reports
Manage Call type:
  • Define different call types like Intraday, F&O, BTST, STBT, etc. against different Schemes
  • Set standardized templates for every call i.e., buy, sell, target hit, stop loss hit and close call
Manage Schemes:
  • By name, price and validity days
  • Set single/multiple call type for each Scheme
  • Allot different Sender ID for each scheme
Manage Subscriber:
  • Allot the Scheme selected by the client so to maintain the validity of the customer as per the scheme.
  • Manage client details like Name, mobile number, email, some remarks, etc.
  • Manage client validity and renewal
  • Import bulk list of clients
Manage Scrip:
  • Manage scrips by call type
  • Auto save facility of scrips as per your identity of the same
Manage Tips:
  • Send standardized calls with call type, buy/sell, scrip, CMP (current market price), S/L, Tgt1, Tgt2, Tgt3
  • Send standardized SMS with just a click on the related targets through the same window
  • Option to append time in every call
  • Call close option with current market price field to record the success ratio
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