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Sales:   +91-79-40200909 (India) ,  +1-201-203-4381 (USA)
Support: +91-79-40200911

Date: July 24, 2010

It is our pleasure to thank everyone who is associated with VIBGYOR. Your continued support and suggestions have help us grow into a better company.
We appreciate you choosing us to be your valuable vendor. Our commitment towards the customer of VIBGYOR in past years:
(a) Commitment towards business purpose & better services; (b) Commitment to sustainability and (c) Commitment to security, quality, reliability, and customer support
To accomplish our commitments we have made plenty of efforts, a few of them are mentioned below:
(Worldwide access| Technology performance of 1000 TPS| TPM based services| At par after sales services| Support ticketing system for better & prompt support issue resolution and continuous innovations in Business features.)
To provide our customers with Value Added Services of Telecom Industry, we are delighted to increase our services under VIBGYORtel, a Unit of Aruhat with an aim to prove world wide clients with a basket of Value Added Services of Telecom Industry that gives them an edge in their business communication processes. While our SMS services will be available under VIBGYORtel by the name of VIBGYORsms.
Under one roof of VIBGYORtel we are offering following services and products:
Services: VIBGYORsms for bulk SMS, VIBGYORshortcode for Short code services, White Label Solution for SMS Resellers, Wealth Envoy for Financial Advisors, VIBGYORemail for Bulk email, VIBGYORsms2email, VIBGYORautodial for auto calling, VIBGYORefax for bulk fax, VIBGYORemail2sms & Hosted Services for SMS Resellers having own Brand Name
Products: VIBGYOR CRM for work flow automation, i-Flamingo for after market share market communications, i-Pheasant for live Trade confirmations, i-Accentor for sub brokers & TeleOSS for SMS Aggregators
You can also login to your VIBGYORsms & Wealth Envoy accounts from the same. Please note, that our email addresses have changed, as mentioned below:
info@vibgyortel.in, support@vibgyortel.in
It will be our pleasure to serve you on our new platform with the same devotion, quality and commitment that you expect from us. We appreciate your business and truly want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.Thank you again for your support. It is truly our pleasure to serve and work with you on a new platform. We commit to keep on providing our clients with more services in the future.
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