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Revised TRAI Guidelines And Our Message To Our Partners
Date: January 28, 2011
Dear Partners,
We are thankful to all our clients to have faith on us and continue with us for our services. In-line with our commitments to provide our services, business focused services, perform & enforce lawful services and anti-spam policy. TRAI has come up with the same vision which we will adopt further to provide our services. This new regulation are going to be implement from February 1, 2011 for SMS sending.
Please find below the key highlights of the new TRAI regulations that will take effect from 1st February 2011:
  • Now, NDNC has become NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) 
  • As per new guide line from Govt. there are two categories for SMS receiving from sender side:
                     (1) Commercial Category   (2) Transactional Category
Commercial SMS: 
  • None of the promotional messages will be delivered to the customers who have registered for Do-Not-Disturb (DND) option. 
  • As per regulations, no promotional message is permitted between 9:00pm to 9:00am. Moreover, this does not include the Transactional Category of messages. 
  • For sending commercial messages you need to register as a telemarketer. You would be required this for the long term services, and later your telemarketer number will be linked with your sender ID.
  • In order to open your account and/or adding sender ID, you would be asked to provide your telemarketer registration number, application number and the targeted category (defined by TRAI) in which the sender ID would be used for sending commercial messages.
  • TRAI has levied heavy penalty charges from 25k on first instance to 2.5L on 6th and last instance. Hence, we will not do any violation of the TRAI regulation and will not promote any activity related to this.
  • We urge you to adhere the law (TRAI policy) and not to negotiate on any terms with any of our representative with respect to the law.

 Transactional SMS: 

  • Transactional messages are defined in seven business categories. No Promotional information / content will be allowed in transactional SMS.
  • Transactional messages are typically from Bank / Insurance Companies or Telecom service providers giving information relating to their customer accounts, or from Airline/Railways to their passengers regarding Flight/Train schedules, or from educational institutions to the parents.
  • Transactional messages will however be in the form of SMS and that to restricted to relevant information. Commercial content in the transactional messages will not be permitted. 
  • We will be strict to above mentioned categories (defined by TRAI) and any other purpose/institute will be considered as Commercial. We will be adhering to any further update given by TRAI in the above definition.
Please go through below mentioned  link for your references on the TRAI new guide lines for SMS sending, which describes how to register / deregister with required SMS receiving or how to stop receiving SMS or how to add in receiving SMS through voice call / IVRS / by SMS on toll free no.
Reference Link for More Detail:
 Sr.No  Subject  Reference Link
1 Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal
2 The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010
3 Department of Telecommunication (DoT)
4 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
5 Amendments for the new regulations
6 FAQ’s by TRAI
7 Agreement Formats as suggested by TRAI forAgreement.jsp?reqtrack=lWvygvqUnfCfuWTB bLXPFfhjcand new regulation
Please note that above guide line will be applicable by 1st February'2011. To follow these guide line we are going to change our existing sending process of SMS and other Telecom value added services as given below : 
  • Fix format of SMS from sender for transactional services.
  • Commercial SMS will be not allowed between 9 p.m. To 9 a.m. 
  • Commercial messages will be not send on DND Numbers.
  • We humbly request you to send us your Transactional Messages format before February 1, 2011 to allow us to registered SMS for DND registration Numbers. Until then we will consider respective account as the commercial account.
For any further clarification on the subject, please revert back to email

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