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TeleOSS General Features
TeleOSS Vision: To serve a global set of value added service providers in telecommunication industry with a system that increases their business operations and support efficiency
  • A Universal Platform to Enable Multiple Communication Services related to VAS segment like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax which is expandable to other New Services as well. 
  • An Enterprise Grade Independent Solution– A Scalable Architecture which is expandable enough to increase the additional load by integrating hardware. Load can be easily transferred and increased without much customization.
  • 500 TPS Lab Tested– Presently new architecture supports 500 TPS, but aiming to achieve 1000 TPS as a part of roadmap
  • Expandable to Add multiple services as per business requirement- You  can re-utilize your own existing platform and can add additional hardware to integrate more Value Added Services. 
  • Single Rechagre for Multiple Services- The System Supports central rechagre feature were all the services can be used from the same account.

General Features (Click On Below Points For Drop Down)

Sending Service Management

  • Configurable TPM (Message per minute)
  • Static Routing
  • Queue Management
    • Efficient use of memory & database queries

Product Catalogue Management

  • Set Queuing Standards
  • Create your own Services
  • Set Pricing of the set Services

Subscriber Management

  • User Management
    • Add, Edit, delete user
  • Account Setting
  • Balance transfer setting
  • Change service setting
  • Cross service recharge settings
  • Configure User Service
    • Change user service
    • Only configured service will be shown
    • Cross service charge will apply if configured
  • Balance Management (Recharge)
    • Different types of actions are available to handle different situations
    • Credit Back: Give SMS to  user to handle some situation where  user account is debited unnecessarily
    • Promotional Offer: Add SMS in user account as part of promotional offer
      • Recharge: Do recharge as per bill
      • Debit: Deduct SMS from user account
    • Confirmation SMS and Email will be sent to user.
    • Account Ownership Management
      • Change Sales Person / Relationship Manager
      • Change Account owner
      • Account owner can assign his account to his subordinate.
    • Reset Password Setting
    • Traffic Control
      • You can pause account of any user
      • Limit SMS with TPM restriction
    • Manage Company Group
      • Grouping the company to facilitate Balance Transfer


  • Admin Dashboard for Users
    • User Profile 
    • User  recharge and account information
    • User last week usage graph
    • Admin can see above information of any user and use quick links to take fast action for any issue.
  • Rechagre Control
    • Assign Limited SMS, Email and Validity days to each admin user
  • Password Policy
    • Configure your own policy
    • Password will be stored in database in encrypted format
    • HTTPS is available for login if user has own certificate
  • Rights Management
    • Control Administrative system
      • Rechrage Rights
      • User creation Rights
      • Sending Service creation Rights
      • Multiple Sender ID and Domain Setting Rights

MIS Reporting

  • Delivery Reports
  • User Wise Reports
  • Date wise Reports

End User Features

(End User Interface will be separately develop and support) 
  • User Dashboard
  • Customer Management
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Sending Management
  • Report Management
  • Back-end Services
  • API (This feature is not available in Email Module)
  • Communication Efficiency Management

Auto Notification

To Users
Recharge, update profile, Password change, Weekly Usage report, balance expiry, failed sms, account activation
All SMS and Email are configurable for finer control for marketing
To Admin
Daily / Monthly top 10 users
Daily balances 
Monthly / Quarterly actual & estimated usage
Validity Expiry

Client Communication

  • Online alert for user
    • Inform about any upgrade or issue
    • Show simple text or give file to download
  • Rich search criterion
  • You can review list of User
  • Inform Customers through Email or SMS

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