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TeleOSS SMS Features
TeleOSS Vision: To serve a global set of value added service providers in telecommunication industry with a system that increases their business operations and support efficiency
  • A Universal Platform to Enable Multiple Communication Services related to VAS segment like SMS, Email, Autodial & eFax which is expandable to other New Services as well. 
  • An Enterprise Grade Independent Solution– A Scalable Architecture which is expandable enough to increase the additional load by integrating hardware. Load can be easily transferred and increased without much customization.
  • 500 TPS Lab Tested– Presently new architecture supports 500 TPS, but aiming to achieve 1000 TPS as a part of roadmap
  • Expandable to Add multiple services as per business requirement- You  can re-utilize your own existing platform and can add additional hardware to integrate more Value Added Services. 
  • Single Rechagre for Multiple Services- The System Supports central rechagre feature were all the services can be used from the same account.

SMS Supported Features (Click On Below Points For Drop Down)

** Below mentioned are the features supporting SMS  Modules. Features supporting eFax and Autodial module is in Road Map. As per customer requirement, we can deliver them now as well with customization of additional modules. 

SMS Supported Sending Service Management

Sending Service Management
  • Support protocols
    • Supported protocols are SMPP and HTTP.
    • Configurable HTTP and SMPP parameters making it easy to integrate with SMSC.
    • Configurable service offerings.
  • Configurable TPM (Message per minute)
  • Restrict SMS by time
  • Static Routing
  • Queue Management
    • Efficient use of memory & database queries
  • Dynamic Routing
    • Map offered services and sending service.
    • Give service to customer as per your service commitment
    • Intelligent routing between SMSCs' for better services when any service is down.
    • Configurable options of operator, user, Sender ID and holding time for finer control on SMS sending.
  • Manage Failed SMS
    • For API users, if there is any problem in his account like password is wrong or balance is exhausted then all SMS will get stored, so we can review it and inform customers about it.
  • Least Cost Based Routing (LCR)
    • SMS will be route based on cost, so we can efficiently use the service providers.
    • Define maximum and average cost per offered service.
    • Define cost of Sending service

SMS Product Catalogue Management

Product Catalogue Management
  • Set Throughput of the Services
  • Set Operator wise Charging

SMS Supported MIS Reporting

MIS Reporting
  • Sender ID wise Reports
  • Summary Reports

SMS Supported Filtering

  • Message Blocking
    • Enter words or sentences to be blocked 
  • Block Mobile
    • Stop SMS sending on specific mobile numbers
    • This can also be done user wise

SMS Supported Adminstration


  • Live Traffice Monitor
    • Service wise queuing & Sending status, user wise traffic status and many more in a single 
    • Live Status of Delivery Report
    • Track Monitor and control Live Traffic
    • Control of all the services,  user traffic, contigency options, etc.
  • Test SMS Sending
    • You can test each service with just one click

SMS Supported Subscriber Management

Subscriber Mangement

  • Manage Sender Ids
    • Add/ Edit/ Delete Sender Ids
    • Set defult Sender ID for user account
    • Check if sender ID is available or not
    • Online Sender ID requesting option for user

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